My First Inktober

My First Inktober

The things I will be physically doing for Inktober:

  • Making a “finished” drawing every day.
  • Be drawing a heck of a lot of hornedworms.
  • trying to upload these drawings every day, or at least once a week.
  • tweeting about these drawings every day, or at least once a week.

The thing I’m hoping to get out of this is better habits. 
I almost never feel comfortable enough with the state of any piece of my art to call it “finished” and share it. That’s a problem, because it also means I tend to get caught up in reworking a single piece for far longer than I should, when I could just be going on to making new pieces. It makes me feel like I am slow and bad at art. Making myself start and quit, permanently quit a drawing and call it finished every day… It honestly sounds impossible to me right now.

To combat how impossible this task feels I will be leaning heavily on my favorite doodle friend the horned worm. I have been doodling them in the corners of other things for years now, and they’re almost effortless for me now. So throwing a lot of the Inktober prompts to my worm friends will help me actually reach that “finished” quality, since I’m used to them just being doodles anyway. It will also help me keep time for working on the art assets that I need to spend most of my time on if I ever want to release a dang video game.

Similarly I have a lot of self confidence issues when it comes to promoting my work, and I hope that by doing it over and over I will start to feel less bad about it. It’s hard to get an audience if I never engage socially on the platforms they do… So yeah, I need to get better about tweeting.

Beyond that, I don’t know that I will hold myself to any particular stylistic constraints within or across all the works that I hope to share with you during Inktober. Right now that’s just not the part of my practice that I want to work on. 

Once I get the daily practice & upload & social-ing part under control then I’ll probably want to try more exciting challenges.

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