Scripts, etc.

I’m going to slowly document some of the script and code things I’m most proud of here. As I’m sure everyone already knows, documentation is one of those never-finished tasks, so this will certainly lag well behind whatever it is I’m currently working on.

Game dev related

Blender to Aseprite ( Lua ) – A script that takes a folder structure of blender animation renders and imports the .pngs to tagged animations in a single .ase file.

Dithered shadows Shader – version one for Unity 2021 utilizing shader nodes, version 2 in ongoing development in Godot’s GLSL based language. I will probably also try to write an HLSL version next


Heritage Calculator  – a tool for calculating the cost to buy player skills where the prerequisite for unlocking each skill follows a relationship of how many lower level and adjacent skills the player has already purchased. Written in JavaScript for the Dying Kingdoms live action roleplaying group, in 2014.

Book of Power and BOAK aggregator – The Book of Power was a google sheet that would assess the number of active and inactive players as well as the power level of their characters at Dying Kingdoms so that the story-tellers and game planners could make better informed decisions on their game design and location booking for upcoming events. This sheet was fed by a series of google apps scripts that aggregated player and character data from hundreds of individual player sheets.