Moving Madness

Moving Madness

I’ve been meaning to write about so many things, these last few weeks. About my art project, or about how reading “Corporate Information Factory” is going. But then moving happened. I’d been looking for a suitable new place for a while now, but without any real luck; I didn’t expect to actually be moving before October anyway. Instead about a week and a half ago we find a place and sign for it. Now I have about three weeks to get everything packed.

The suddenness of it really threw me off this past week, I barely got anything done that wasn’t moving related; it felt awful. So I’m trying to bring things back into my day a little bit at a time, though still keeping the organizing (namely getting the things we never use anymore to new homes with other folks) and packing at the forefront. It worked out fairly well yesterday, and I already feel much better working my fitness routine back into my day. Today is going to be packing, fitness, and laundry… so much laundry. Tomorrow I’ll probably throw in an hour for sql practice.

The fruits of my labors so far:



































Thanks Mama for coming over last week and helping me get started on that mess.

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