June’s Random Prompt

June’s Random Prompt

Over at my Patreon page, I collect prompts from my patrons. And every month I tinker with one of those prompts in my free time between other projects. Lately I’ve been using this to get back into painting, upping the ante from my usual level of sketch based costume design, but there are a couple of prompts that I think I might write some short fiction about instead if I ever get to them. Have an idea you’d love to see fleshed out? Head over to my Patreon, sign up, send me challenges! :)

June’s prompt was a little more specific. “Illustrate one of your original characters” and it specified a limited color palette to use. The colors were selected from a color palette challenge. They’re pretty weird and restrictive, but made a fun challenge. :)

I couldn’t decide whether to draw Hazel as a child or an adult though, since I’m working on short stories during various times in her life. So I’m doing both >_>; in a sort of dream like way of her literally being beside herself. I imagine she’d wake up from this dream saying something like, “What? What even was that?”

For high res versions go to my patreon’s creations tab.



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