Princess Maker Translations Update

Princess Maker Translations Update

Brand new sections on Classes and Jobs in the scheduling section of my Princess Maker for Kakao guide. From the main guide you can click on the images or headers to go to the detail page. You can also click through the images here!

Princess Maker for Kakao Classes + Lessons Jobs in Princess Maker for Kakao

Thoughts Regarding This Week’s Translating:

I am beginning to suspect “Receptivity” should be Sensibility or maybe even Sensitivity? The places it shows up are really interesting: Sending your princess out to keep watch in the Cemetery raises her “receptivity”, yet Tactics lessons decrease it. You would think that both of these would harden someone. This is a really telling way to point out what this stat is actually representing, it has qualities of the supernatural, not just interpersonal “receptivity” or “sensitivity”.


I have yet to figure out if this stat affects both mundane sensitivity or open-ness to others, or if it is just for magic and supernatural beings.

I keep seeing 마법기술 in odd places. Magic technology is the best I’ve been able to find, but seems like a mediocre translation. It’s on a few items, and the only way to increase this stat that I’ve found is through magic lessons. I’m curious if it’s some sort of use-magic-items better stat.

Speaking of magic! Google refuses to read 마력 as anything but “horsepower”, I’ve gone with witchcraft, but probably should use magic or spell-craft. I’m partial to witches though, so witchcraft it stays for now. :)

So the big update that I mentioned is that I’ve been translating the classes and jobs. Sadly there’s a line in all of them that is confusing the ever living fuck out of me.
성공수치보유수치가 높고스트레스가 낮아야성공공확률상승 = “Success should be a success probability of holding high stress levels rise ball”

Stepping through it word by word doesn’t help me much either, I simply don’t know enough Korean vocabulary or grammar to put it together. I get that it has something to do with the success of the lesson or job, and how stress either affects or is affected by it, but I cannot figure out the details.

The final mystery on my plate this week is this:

기품, 모성 감소

Elegance, and “motherhood/maternal” decreases

Hold on. Wait, “motherhood”? There’s a “Maternal” stat and it’s not on the character sheet. Dammit rpgs, why do you DO that!?

Just another thing to track down I suppose.

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