Princess Maker New Princess Translations

Princess Maker New Princess Translations

So this latest batch of translations has come with some serious revelations about how this game works. >_>; Yeah that whole bit about just breeze through the tutorial and don’t worry about things, I should have translated that. In fact when I have some time I’m going to see if I can set up a new account and capture that tutorial and translate it for you guys.

In the mean time Here’s What I’ve Learned:

First off I kept running into this term – 알바 – alba – apparently it’s something similar to slang for part time work, and because of this non-official meaning, my auto translators are completely baffled by it. :) Of the many translator oddities this one was actually a pretty easy one to figure out. Hooray internet, you’re so helpful!!

That “Future Dream” page is not just a weird translation, and is entirely separate from the Achievements mechanic of the game. The Future Dream is a list of Conditions that must be met to achieve a specific game end for your princess. When you’re making a new princess, you choose which Future Dream you’re trying to achieve, I am uncertain if you are able to complete other dreams if you’ve selected a different one. I think you can, since as you can see from my early screen shots that I unknowingly selected “Nursery Teacher”; however that play through I think I got the “Laborer” ending, since I didn’t earn any new cards in my album. I’m still translating that Ending, and hope to share it with y’all soon!

In my current play through I’m going for the an ending where my princess works at the Cathedral. We’ll see if I can manage it!

Other things I’ve discovered is that there are two mini-games available in the Town through the leaderboard “Kingdom Harvest Festival”. A “cooking” game, that is essentially a matching/memory game. And a Shooting game that’s actually pretty fun, though it does rely on some twitch reflexes.



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