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Princess Maker for Kakao Example Class Detail

This menu shows up while you are pressing and holding the class selection from the menu on the right.

As you can see above there’s a lot of info for each class option, but they all follow the same format. In each class section I’ll simply list the skills affected as I get them translated. you will need to check up here if you forget the order that the info is presented

Just in case you need it: plain text version of the example class info (using the Grappling /hand to hand class)

체력 수치 :  #
Health level: shows current health rating
스트레스 수치: #
Stress level: shows current stress rating
예상 성공률:
Estimated success rate: shows a percentage
전투기술, 방어력 상승
Combat skill, and DEF increase
체력이스트레스보다 높아야 성공확률상승
I think this tells you whether the success rate is higher than the stress
rate I’m still working on a clear translation, and a case that shows the
opposite. I think this one is saying that the success rate is greater the stress increase.



Grappling / Hand to Hand

Princess Maker Kakao hand to hand
전투기술, 방어력 상승
Combat skill, and DEF increase


Princess Maker Kakao Science

지능 상승

Intellect increases


Princess Maker Kakao poetry

지능, 기품, 예술, 감수성 상승

Intelligence, Elegance, Art, and Receptivity increase


Princess Maker Kakao theology

지능, 신앙심, 항마략 상승

Intelligence, Piety, and Anti-Witchcraft increase


Princess Maker Kakao tactics

지능, 전투기술 상승

Intelligence, and Combat Skills increase
감수성 감소

Receptivity decreases


Princess Maker Kakao Swordsmanship

전투기술, 공격력 상승

Combat Skill, and ATK increase

Magic Lessons

Princess Maker Kakao Magic

마법기술, 마력 상승

Magic technology, and Witchcraft increase


Princess Maker Kakao Etiquette

기퓸, 예의범절 상승.

Elegance, and Propriety increase


Princess Maker Kakao Art

감수성, 예술 상승

Receptivity, and Art increase


Princess Maker Kakao Dance

체력, 매력, 예술 상승

Health, Charm, and Art increase

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