Princess Maker for Kakao Talk Guide

Princess Maker for Kakao Talk Guide

The Bare Minimum Translation you need to get through Princess Maker for Kakao: Girl’s Dream

Princess Maker for Kakao Loading Screen


To jump into the game as fast as possible: Skim the “Main Screen” section’s first image, check out “Daughter Info” [on your game, either click on the clipboard next to your princess’s name, OR click through “future dream” and it’s the button on the lower right corner of the window] to figuring out your stats, skim the first few images in the “Schedule menus”, and the “Adventure mode” section.

Princess Maker Common Buttons

For an adventure heavy playthrough you might want to memorize these buttons, as they come up extremely often.


Start Up

If you see the following screen you do not have an active princess: Click Through to check out the process of making a new princess.

Princess Maker for Kakao New Princess Name

The New Princess Guide

Otherwise you’ll probably see a screen like the following:

Princess Maker October Promotion Translated

The “Learn More” button takes you to what seems to be a forum entry with more info about the promotion. I have not attempted to translate that page.

Princess Maker Daily Gift Confirmation

On my first log in of the day I’ll get a confirmation window letting me know what gift I received before it shows me the rest of the gift page

Princess Maker Cube's Gifts

The red wax seals seem to say “complete” on them

Main screen

Main Room Translated

Settings Screen

Settings Translated

“…” Screen

coming soon

Mail Screen

The mail screen is only visible while there is mail in your inbox.

Customization Menus

Main Customization Menu


Furniture Translated

Each of the four cosmetic boxes on the main cosmetic menu [clothing, cap, ?, and glasses] will open up a window similar to the following menu for changing the appearance of a the table I selected from the furniture menu. The tab on the left reskins an existing equipment piece, and the tab on the right purchases a random item fitting that category and with a value of  3 to 4 stars. As far as I can tell changing appearance here is purely cosmetic and does not alter the stats of any equipment piece.

Furniture 2 Translated furniture 3 Translated


Appearance Translated



Manor View

Princess Maker Manor View Translated

Guest Book

Princess Maker Guestbook Translated


Princess Maker Album Translated

An example of the detailed illustration page from clicking through “The Laborer” card.

Princess Maker laborer Card Translated

The Invite button seems to bring the Princess who earned that card. In my game it looks a bit like this:

Princess Maker album Invited Translated

The dance button is a toggle. Send is pretty simple, it sends the visiting princess back to where she came from; clicking through gives you a message that says you can always invite her over again later. Visit seems to visit where she came from. I’m not sure if this is a way to play multiple daughters concurrently. When I visit my previous daughters my resources change to match what they were when I completed that play through, I have not tried to schedule more classes or activities with these characters yet.


Princess Maker Achievements Translated

The main screen starts on the “Family” tab

princess makerdaily achievements Translated

I have discovered that my translators do NOT like “kingdom” or more accurately “king’s castle” as separate words, and would rather they be one word “viggorous” or “voracious”

I’ll be adding a list of achievements as I translate them here. With Korean and English text side by side; but not in screen shot form, to save space.

Future Dream


Red numbers show that the stat in question does not meet the Goal requirement. Blue numbers show that the stat in question Does Meet the Goal requirement.

Click here or on the image to go through to the translations of the goals for each different Future Dream.

Daughter Info Screen

PM Kakao Daughter Info Translated

The stats page can be reached 2 ways: the clipboard next to your Princess’s Name on the main home screen. OR from the lower right corner of the Future Dream page.


Demon-spirit Translated

the Sale, optional info, and the placement/constellation buttons are disabled in my interface so I’m not sure how accurate those translations are.

The synthesis and Feed buttons lead to notification messages on my game so I’m not sure how accurate the translation is. The synthesis notification seems to say something to the effect that only spirits of level 20 can be synthesized. The Feed button gives me a notice that I am not having much luck with translating apps, so let me know if you can fathom it better:

배치되어 있는 정령이 아닙니다.
배치 후 선택해 주세요.

This ordinance is not disposed.
Please choose after deployment.

The Reinforce button leads to the following screen:



Princess Maker Main Town Screen




HospitalTreatmentPrincess Maker for Kakao Hospital Treatrment2


Princess Maker for Kakao Casino


Princess Maker for Kakao Restaurant01Princess Maker for Kakao Restaurant02


Princess Maker for Kakao Castle Visit

Score Boards

Princess Maker for Kakao LeaderBoards

Mini-games translation in progress


Princess Maker Inventory Translated

You can rotate the view by pressing and dragging the avatar, the button I’ve labeled “reset rotation” doesn’t translate to that directly but that is it’s function.

The Equipment toggle, toggles the view between the combat equipment and your everyday equipment.

the sell button sells the currently selected item.

The change options takes you to the shop where you can by alternate equipment and I’ll go over those in the Shop section.

“daughter” and “family” are two inventory categories. I am not sure why they are labeled that way, or if my translating services just are failing to give me the correct context. [Hopefully I can update with a better explanation soon.]

Sell multiple allows you to select multiple items in your inventory and sell them en mass.



Pending Friends Tab

I’m not translating all the names of the other tabs, only the selected tab.

Princess Maker Kakao Friends List

kakao friend invites


princess maker kakao rankings

princess maker friend rankings

Schedule Menus



Princess Maker for Kakao Classes + Lessons

Click through to lessons detail page.

Work and Jobs

Jobs in Princess Maker for Kakao



Autumn Sea

바캉스(가을바다) – Sea Vacation (Autumn) 

감소 스트레스: -70
Stress Reduced: 70

스트레스 감소 아빠와의 관계 증가
Stress Reduced and Parental Relationship increased

바캉스(기을산) – Mountain Vacation (Autumn) 

감소 스트레스: -150
Stress Reduced: 150

스트레스 감소 아빠와의 관계, 감수성, 체중 증가
Stress Reduced, Parental Relationship, Receptivity, and weight increase

자유행동- Free Time

감소 스트레스: -50
Stress Reduced: 50

스트레스 감소 아빠와의 관계 감소
Stress Reduced and Parental Relationship Reduced

자유 행동 (용돈) – Free Time (with money)

감소 스트레스: -120
Stress Reduced: 150

스트레스 감소 아빠와의 관계 감소
Stress Reduced, Parental Relationship Reduced.



Different activities will be suggested here. For now, please reference the other scheduling sections as appropriate.

Adventure mode

Princess Maker Kakao Adventure Main Screen

the tent is used to camp and heal, it seems to use one day. [confirmation on number of days used by tent is still needed]

Auto Mode

Princess Maker Kakao Automated Adventure settings

This menu is accessed from the “Auto” button in the lower left corner of the Adventure screen. You can select one of the pips on the map to send your character off on a premade path through the level.

Boss Example

Princess Maker Boss Example

General Responses

Princess Maker Common Buttons

For an adventure heavy playthrough you might want to memorize these buttons, as they come up extremely often.



Special Events