Fall Forecast

Fall Forecast

As we roll gently into the first weeks of fall, I am happy to inform you all that this is the end of the my hiatus. Things in my personal life continue to balance on the knife’s edge. However, I’ve grown sufficiently comfortable with the demands of the chaos around me to begin producing posts again.

My current plan is to continue my inspiration series until the end of the year. I will be posting in that series twice in October, as a bonus to thank you all for bearing with the long break in content. I also plan to continue keeping you up to date on my crafting projects. The rest of the Wizard costume series is not far from completion. And I am going to be starting on some new projects soon as well!

New projects this fall and winter will include: My first forays into sculpting and casting as part of a very ambitious design for a burning embers prop that lights up; art and design shares to do with a super secret side project my husband and I are starting, which may or may not someday become a video game; book covers for my husband’s novels; as well as starting my own novel.

So stay tuned my gentle and wondrous readers. Never forget that your support makes a difference. You can make dreams come true.

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