Etsy, Patreon, and Blogs oh my!

Etsy, Patreon, and Blogs oh my!

So, my blog is pretty much stable now (curse you splashpage I will figure out how to get you working consistently). That finished I’m finally engaging in stage two of my crazy plan: get my skills out there on the net in a way that could maybe ever make me money, probably. To this end, this week and next I’m setting up photoshoots to get high quality images of a bunch of costumes and props that I’ve made so that I can both finish that portfolio page on my site, and so that I can finally get into gear and get myself a gorram Etsy page. In addition to this etsy thing, I’ve added a donate button to my page; it’s stable, but not pretty yet, working on that. Additionally I’m going to be recording some video and setting up a Patreon account. What does all this mean, speaking practically, for you guys? Let’s tackle that in parts.

First Patreon:

So this is where things get kinda weird, but in a cool way I think. Patreon is born from the idea that if you like an artist’s work, you should donate to them so that they can keep making stuff for the public. It is also clearly inspired by the recent movement towards crowd-funding and micro-transactions. With a lot of people contributing a small amount that they can afford, suddenly an artist can have a sustainable support network. However, instead of just plunking a donate button down on your page and hoping that people hit it from time to time, Patreon sets up recurring donations, and allows patrons to manage and cap how much they’re spending. It’s nice, streamlined, and centralized.

So why head over to my Patreon instead of Just following me here? Well not only can you see some of the financial goals that I’m working towards there, Patreon also is set up so that I can post exclusive content for my patrons. While my blog and portfolio are mostly just going to get finished works, my Patrons are going to get access to progress reports, and works in progress. There’s also a Patron’s only activity feed, so if you can’t get my attention on twitter or facebook (I sometimes miss messages there) I will have a better chance of seeing and getting back to you on Patreon. Additionally if you give more you get a bit more. I don’t have anything too ostentatious planned. Just a monthly general thank you doodle, a suggestions box to challenge my creative skills (and hopefully entertain folks), and some face time on google hangouts. That last one is pretty scary for me, cameras are evil guys. Do you know how many souls it takes for me to sustain myself? Cameras just suck them right away. ;)

Also yes, you might notice me throwing more silly occult references into my blogging lately. I’m on a kick. It might pass, but for now it amuses me, and I hope it either brings a smile to your face or makes you cringe and die inside a little. Either work for me.

Second Etsy:

Most of you are probably very aware of Etsy as a means for crafters to sell their handmade goods. I’ve been designing and making costumes props and armor for myself and friends for about three maybe four years now. It’s been a growing passion of mine, and honestly if I can do it more, that would be great. My favorite way of working is still one on one, with meet ups for fittings and tests in meat space, but there are some things that I think would come out great even with purely digital communications. I am not going to stop taking commissions from folks outside etsy. In fact the only reason I’d stop taking commissions is because I already have too many on my plate.

A final word about Etsy: Oh shit, I need a store name! o_o Guys, help me. Help me, guys!


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