Breakfast and Speed Paints Series

Good morning! Or at least, it’s good now that I’ve eaten my sweet millennial avocado toast. ;)

Today I’ve started a week long art project. I’ve never really pressed myself to draw or paint in time limit. As a result I’ve always felt insecure about how long it takes me to produce my art. I’ve also been having trouble remembering to have breakfast lately. So I’ve decided to tackle these problems in one fell swoop!

So far I wouldn’t really call my results a painting, more of a sketch really. But I hope by the end of the week I’m going to be getting shading maybe even color onto these as well.

Love and Peace, everyone <3

Avocado toast, clementine, and coffee. Oh darn. Now I’ll never buy a house!

About Brianalana

I design and fabricate costumes to help dreams come true. I am a bachelor of psychology, novice programmer, and freelance artist.
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